Mirab Company

Mirab Khoram Industry Inc was stablished by group of well experienced prominent experts and innovators to appropriate providing, designing, manufacturing and installing devises and machineries for water and waste-water treatment plants.
Mirab Khoram Industry Inc with more than 11 years of glorious experiences in mentioned fields, declares its penchant to cooperation with related companies.
Efficient human resource is Mirab Khoram Industry Inc’s fund to achieve the best technologies. Considering the importance of this subject, Mirab Sanat Khoram manages to keep scientific and technologic vantages.
In the present time, all of official clients of Mirab Khoram Industry Inc are chosen among the best vernacular experts and it leads to Mirab Khoram Industry Inc be powerful in design and construct scientific and industrial modern projects which need advanced and modern science and technology.
Mirab Khoram Industry Inc guaranties its products to make its customers more ensured in addition to repair basic construction of country’s industry.

Contact Us:

Tehran Office:
7 Unit - Second Floor - Farvardin Building - Abdili St. - Madani Shomali St.
TelFax: +98 2146861200 Tle:+989122012536

E-mail: info@mirabco.com
Phone number of Canada office:
Canada office address:
508 & 509 - 7191 Yonge St., Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 0C4

Company Activities:

» Manual and mechanical types of junk
» Equipment related to types of basin grain
» Augmented aeration, with bridge reciprocating & ...
» Types of fat gear (API , DAF ...)
» Deep aeration equipment (Bluer & Defuser ...)
» Types of sedimentation tanks

Last Projects:

Sarableh Wastewater Treatment Plant Sarableh Wastewater Treatment Plant
Grain extraction unit of Mehdi Shahr refinery in Semnan Grain extraction unit of Mehdi Shahr refinery in Semnan